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Nelson Mandela and the Van-Rensburg Prophecies

In the late 1800s and early 1900s there lived a man in South Africa named Seiner Van Rensburg. Van Rensburg gave many prophecies of which many have come true. You can read a short biography here; Here is a list compiled by one author of his fulfilled prophecies taken from the book, Voice of a Prophet.

1. Before anybody could imagine such a thing as an aircraft carrier, he had a vision of this strange ship in a Namibian harbor. At that stage the harbor of Luderitz was not even a proper harbor, it was a small bay where fishing dinghies used to beach.

2. He saw the British destruction of 64,000 Boer farmsteads and the detestable suffering they caused to nearly 180,000 cattle and horses by cutting their fetlock tendons (Achilles tendons). These animals were left to die from thirst.

3. World War 1 and the deceit that lead to the USA entering the war.

4. The Russian communist revolution and the Holocaust of Christians during their reign. Estimates have it that the USSR communists killed as many as50 million people between 1917 and 1945.

5. The Great Influenza epidemic of 1918.

6. Mining riots in South Africa 1925.

7. The economic collapse of 1929.

8. The Second World War.

9. The 1948 take-over of government by the Nationalists in South Africa.

10. He foresaw the race troubles started by the communists in South Africa[South African Government.

11. The creation of a Republic in SA 1960.

12. South Africa leaving the British Commonwealth.

13. The rise of black power in South Africa after 1961.

14. The assassination of Dr. HF Verwoerd, the SA Prime minister.

15. He saw SA's involvement in the Angola war against the Russian backed Cubans.

16. Margaret Thatcher as first woman prime minister of England.

17. Nelson Mandela's imprisonment and release.

18. Death of Princess Diana.

19. The first Gulf war.

20. Black takeover of government in South Africa. This happened 80 years after he had the vision.

21. He saw that moderate colored and white people would rule one Province, the Western Cape Province, for one term before losing to the ANC again. The ANC is now (2011) arranging for a massive influx of ANC supporters to the Western Cape Province. A law is being prepared for Parliament that will put Colored and white people out of jobs in order that black ANC supporters from other provinces can get the jobs. By doing this, the ANC will have imported the 100 000 required voters to win back the Western Cape.

22. The September eleven attack on the WTC.

23. Iraqi war against Sadam Hussein. This however infuriates the Islamic World and sinister planning against the USA takes place. The planning seems to take place within the USA by the same sinister entity that caused the previous two World Wars.

24. The murder of the SA Mining Magnate Brett Kebble.

25. He saw Millions of Africans coming into SA illegally during black government.

26. He saw a massive dip, similar to 1929, in the World economy. What is difficult to pinpoint is the fact that he appears to indicate that the collapse is caused (planned) by the “Capitalists” in order to take control of the world economic system. Remember that he saw this nearly a hundred years ago in 1914.

All the aforementioned have already occurred or are in the process of happening.

That looks like a pretty impressive list. Notice above that he foresaw the imprisonment and release of Nelson Mandela. There is more to the Mandela prophecy.

On the morning of 8th September 1925, the Seer told his daughter, Anna, he sees a black man being released from prison in the distant future, visit Russia, and on his return, be appointed in an important post. The country will be thrown into chaos under his rule. However, it is only after the violent death of a black leader, and a massive strike cripples the country, that real trouble starts.

This black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria, while people flock there in their thousands to ‘pay their last respects’: “The body of the king(black leader) is placed in a glass coffin and he lies in state on Church Square, Pretoria—for seven days. Mourners came from all over the world to pay homage to this king (of the rainbow-nation). Nobody worked—for seven days, for people moved past the coffin day and night, fell on it and wept bitterly, and could not be consoled—for seven days.” On the eighth day he was buried in Heroes’ Acre.”(A special plot in the old cemetery in Church Street, Pretoria, reserved for statesmen)…

However, when the armed forces advance on Pretoria at dawn, the Boers are ready for action and Johannesburg is bomb-attacked, which shakes the whole world. The ensuing war will quickly spread northwards until the whole of Europe is in flames. But England will suffer the most as a result of race riots and famine...”

And guess what, it is being reported that Mandela is going to be put in a glass coffin and will lie in state from December 11 to 13 at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

So it looks as if the rest of the prophecy is starting to be fulfilled. And after Mandela’s funeral he foresaw violence and civil war that will erupt in South Africa. It just so happens that WND posted an article back in 2004 entitled White Slaughter in South Africa in which they stated “plans are being made by the nation’s Communist Party to slaughter all whites in the country upon his death, G2B sources say.”

So I would say that in regards to the prophecies above the situation in South Africa bears watching. But the situation bears watching, not only in South Africa, but for the world, because Rensburg foresaw other things that would occur after the South Africa uprisings, like WWIII and the things below.

27. He saw many of his countrymen and fellow Afrikaners being exiled to countries like Australia, New Zeeland, Canada and some Islands in the Far East. Whites are leaving the country in droves as they are virtually totally barred from holding a permanent job. A small-business person (white) is forced by law to GIVE 50% of his/her business to a black partner (upcoming legislation 2011).

28. England will eventually have a greater Black than white population. The International Express (newspaper) in England reports that about a hundred thousand illegal immigrants are deported monthly.

29. A cataclysmic event will cause many Africans and Indians to flee to Britain.

30. He saw many Islands along the Indonesian, Malaysian area and the Asian Pacific Rim sinking into the sea.

31. He saw the southern part of Australia inundated with water, possibly the sea.

32. Parts of Japan will sink below sea level.

33. He saw turmoil and protracted skirmishes leading to WW3.

34. A civil uprising in the USA. This could be the Civil rights movement of Martin Luther King or the LA riots, but it appears to be still coming, as there will be many deaths.

35. The USA, Spain, Germany, Japan and England with some commonwealth countries will be the main allies in ww3. Most of Western Europe will be overrun and devastated by people from the Middle East. This will be so quick that proper defensive action will not be ready in time.

36. A high British official will commit treason against the allies to try and save his country from nuclear destruction.

37. After near total destruction of the West, the West eventually manages to regain the upper hand.

38. Large areas of the USA are totally destroyed and Europe is virtually uninhabitable. Thousands of European refugees come by sea to South Africa. The refugees are transported inland, by train, from Cape Town and tent villages appear over a distance of 400 miles along the railway line as far as the town of “De Aar”.

39. Civilized and competent government will be reinstated in South Africa after WW3.

In regards to # 34, the USA uprising; another prophecy researcher read the entire book about the prophecies of Van Rensburg, and had this to say in regards to WWIII and his prophecies.

Seer van Rensburg's vision doesn't tell us what this is about. However, the Romanian prophet Dumitru Duduman's visions and prophecies tell us very clearly. From Dumitru's book, Through The Fire Without Burning.

"When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety--from the middle of the country, some of the people will fight the government, started by the communists (e.g. socialists/progressives). The government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the ocean...Russia will bomb the nuclear weapons storehouses in one day...and America will burn."

The sequence of events is an economic collapse worldwide. Massive waves of illegal immigration. These cause civil wars to break out in many countries. Then WW3 begins. We are not given the year, but need to watch the signs God has given us through the prophets in order to know the season and times.

In regards to WWIII, here is a more detailed description of the details of the Rensburg WWIII prophecies.

During 1942/43 a member of the Ossewa-Brandwag, ‘Oupa’ Krause gave an almost unbelievable description to Mr. E.L. Brits, of the Seer’s visions on the outbreak of a future world war.

Because England fears a Russian bomb attack, they connive in secret with the Russians. They betray Western military secrets to Russia and sign treaties with Russia against the USA. Russia mistrusts the English; the USA learns of this treachery and realizes the danger of English betrayal against it. The great clash between American and British troops takes place in Egypt after the next world war has started. The English army is defeated and those still alive after the battle, are taken prisoner. It is also there where our troops are stopped and disarmed.

The English attempt to get help in secret from the Japanese, but are unsuccessful. During the night Russia storms through Turkey (Iraq) en route to the Suez region, while Turkey offers no resistance. The Russians make contact with the American army in Syria and Palestine where they (the Russians) are stopped by the Americans. Palestine is destroyed during the fighting. Some Arabs side with the Americans. Many oilfields in the Middle-East are set alight. The Red Army is defeated by the more advanced secret weaponry of the USA.

The Russians break through to Spain en route to Gibraltar, and when they are stopped there, they turn on England and attack them from the air. England is totally destroyed.

Many secret weapons and gas is used everywhere. While horror (atomic?) bombs sow death and destruction, nations will be annihilated. While some nations cease to exist, others will still survive, but will be worthless. It will be a devastating war and everyone will be expected to go and fight.

Our Boer nation will not be destroyed, for we have a purpose and destination. England will be a very minor factor. Ireland also gains its freedom and drives the English from their country. Holland surrenders without a whimper. France will somehow survive; Russia will be finished and although the USA will not be destroyed, it will be a very weak nation. The Germans declare peace in Europe and become the strongest nation in a very short time.

The Beginning of Oppression War breaks out in Europe around April or May (year unknown) as soon as the thaw sets in, but by the time there is no more ice and snow, it will have progressed considerably—so much so that it seems if the Russians are winning.

An atmosphere of oppression will prevail not only in Europe, but also in our own country. The Germans will make use of the opportunity to take revenge on England, which will be totally annihilated. As usual, the USA in Europe will initially flee, but return later with a strong military force and stop Russia in Spain.

Van Rensburg says the Germans will be fully armed—probably with secret armaments from underground arsenals, which, indeed, is the case. The war will be very swift, destructive and dreadful. Nations will be annihilated very quickly by means of air attacks, horror (nuclear?) bombs and germ warfare. Laser Beams? The worst will be ‘electric beams’ sowing death and destruction above and below; even the soil will be destroyed and few people will remain alive.

That is the data I have at this time. What are we to make of it? Let me first make a few observations. One thing I would like to point out is they are using a glass coffin for the burial of Mandela and he will be lying in state at Pretoria—just as Rensburg saw. However the prophecy states that he is to lie in state for 7 days, but according to the news article, he is only scheduled for 3 days. The prophecy also states he is to be buried in Pretoria, but he is to be buried at his home in Quino. So that seems to raise some questions.

I also found it interesting that he foresaw a great uprising after Mandela’s death and that WND reports that such an uprising has indeed been planned. He also told of WWIII starting sometime after the uprisings. At present there are many precursor signs that WWIII is near. I also found it interesting that he foresaw Britain betraying the United States to the Russians. If you remember the Hildegarde prophecies that I posted about, a few weeks back; an analysis of her prophecy indicates that the Lion (Britain) will come against the USA after the great comet comes.

Along with all of this physical turmoil we will suffer a military loss in WWIII at the hands of the Tiger (China) and England (Lion). Remember the antichrist will most likely be from England—our mother country—and cannot tolerate a super power—this gives new meaning to the phrase “Mommy Dearest.” The Hildegarde Prophecy and Comet ISON—Good Bye America the Babylon

So it looks as if many of Rensburg’s prophecies have come true and some more are starting to come true. Thus that leads to the question; will the rest of his prophecies come true, and if so what are the implications?

I do not know the future, except what is revealed in scripture, however if the Rensburg prophecies continue to come true, then the prophecies are implying that we are on the precipice of WWIII and the other seals of Revelation. Remember what I have been telling you, if the data pointing to 2017 as the year of the Second Coming—when Christ returns to earth at Armageddon—is accurate, then the financial collapse and WWIII could start any time between now and spring 2014.

Thus in light of the Rensburg prophecies the situation in South Africa bears watching intently. Because if the uprising occurs as predicted, then the other events he foresaw are likely to be imminent. 

Luke 12:37
Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them.

Luke 21:36
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

1 Thessalonians 5:6
Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

1 Peter 4:7
But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

Revelation 3:3
Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

Revelation 16:15
Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. 

Are you watching and ready for the end times? Have you prepared for what is about to take place on the Earth? Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany.

Update 12/12:
In response to some of the comments regarding the prophecy above not matching exactly with the circumstances of Mandela's death and burial. I stated above that it "raises some questions" such as; Is the prophecy about Mandela or another black leader, or was the prophecy mistranslated or misinterpreted, or is the prophecy not accurate? Time will tell, but in the meantime I will repeat what I said above--"Thus in light of the Rensburg prophecies the situation in South Africa bears watching intently."



  1. Wow - fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

    1. We must thank Mr Adriaan Snyman and his wife, Annelize Morgan, for their untiring work since 1992 to date in writing several books between them on this entire topic. Mr Snyman's blog: is stil current and provides a near day to day commentary on the fulfilment of these prophecies as the days and weeks pass.

      Where there seems to be confusion as to whether or not van Rensburg's visions concerning Mandela's funeral are being fulfilled to the letter, may I point out that such confusion exists because of speculation that entered the subject matter while writing his seminal book, where he based certain projections on a mixture of the visions and certain statements made by the ruling ANC about the details planned for the funeral arrangements, already in 2003, that were not adhered to by the ANC as previously announced in 2003 (some kind of forward planning...)

      Thus, if we look at the visions as they stand, every single one of them on this subject are being fulfilled to the letter as it is happening.
      We can therefore expect that the violence expected for the days, weeks and months to come will escalate as prophecied and will no doubt engulf south Africa.

    2. THX for that information, it helps make sense of the situation.

  2. Obamas acts of distrust towards the rest of the world and the revelations that Edward Snowden made about the NSA and it's campaign to farm information for quite some time left a real bad taste in everybody's mouth.
    There is trouble brewing and in part because of betrayal. At the very core of all this is unbelief and man's stubborn denial of God's sovereign ownership of all created things proclaimed in John 1.
    The greatest shame is to deny Him and be naked His appearing.

    1. Yes, the most important thing is to be saved and to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul.

  3. Matt 24:7, "For nation (ethnos) 1484 will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom." Ah, the ethnic wars. I guess we'll see before too long! How about the knock out game here in the USA? It is black on white violence. It is only a matter of time before the blacks along with latinos rise against whites, and throw in allitle gay pride too to help it along its way. :) Is this not democracy? Mob rule. Pit the poor against the rich, the haves against the have not, and what you got is a good ole fashioned revolution! :) Hey, the great news is Jesus is coming again, and it looks like sooner rather than later! He's gonna kick some butt! Amen! And again i say Amen! :)

    1. Let us pray that many will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord.

  4. Prophecies are given to Gods people so they can do something about the situation, not simply to inform them about facts. Believers aren't called to arms for nothing.We are supposed to "fight the good fight" at all times, since the upright prayers of believers can change any given prophecy.

    What kind of preacher/teacher are you when you just inform people?
    Whom are you addressing, unbelievers?
    Believers are urgently called to arms right now in order to prevent what has been prophesied.

    1. Some pronouncements of judgment can be altered if repentance occurs as was the case with Nineveh. However God tells us that the Seals, Trumpets, and Judgments will occur no matter what. Thus I am trying to inform and warn people of their nearness so that they can prepare.

      So are you going to prepare or are you going to try and stop what God has told us will definitely occur?

    2. Whoa there desertowl! How about all of Matt 24? Jesus was telling His disciples/us what would come to pass, there is not even a hint that they/we could do anything about it except watch and pray. According to the test of a true and false prophet in Deut 18, whatever the prophet speaks MUST come to pass, or the person speaking it is a false prophet. Mr. Frederick is bringing stuff to our attention that may take place. He is not saying, "Thus saith the Lord", or we would not be even reading this, at least i would not. Like it or not desertowl, the things written in the Bible about the end times WILLcome to pass. Trying to dicern just how things will play out (of what is outlined in the Bible); to bring it to the major signs( that will be pretty self-evident); is what watching the news of the world is all about. Mr Frederick and others are watchmen on the wall, led by God to do what they do. It is up to us to be Bereans and dig in and know about all this stuff (the end times) so we will not be decieved. (Matt 24:23-24) This IS from the Lord. Hey, believers and unbelievers (searchers) read this stuff. When it all hits the fan, these searchers might repent and turn to Jesus. And maybe some believers might be moved to prepare for the tuff times ahead. So cut him some slack desertowl, and realize God is God, and you are not. :) Go back and read Job 38-42, Isa 40-50 or all the way to 66, get your mind right, and see the light. :)

    3. The ONLY way we can prepare is by wearing the FULL armor/garment which He supplies to His people, keeping our lamps filled with the oil of His Spirit, being ready for action at ALL times, irrespective of visible signs.
      Anybody who aspires to win a crown constantly keeps exercising his/her gift, not waiting to shortly before the contest.

  5. Mandela didn't die a violent death.

    1. Who knows. The circumstances of his death are dim. He is said to have died months before his death was declared officially. Did he live too long and some people decided to hasten his death? Was his fading campfire of life hindering some plans from made real? In his last photos he did not seem to be among this world anymore.

      Such a conspiracy is nothing new in the politics. I only remember 2 Kings 8: 7 to 14 where it is told how prophet Elisha met Hazael and predicted that his master Ben-Hadad will recover but the Lord had revealed to him that Ben-Hadad will die. Then Hazael killed him with a thick cloth soaked in water. An obvious explanation is that Ben-Hadad really recovered but Hazael murdered him.

      The plans of the elite prevail, not the life of an individual, until God makes end of them.

    2. Yes there are many rumors floating around about an earlier death, and sometimes it is hard to know what is the truth. I am glad that Jesus will one day straighten this whole mess out.

  6. I have recently been reading up on Daniel 8. traditionally it has been understood as historically fulfilled - Medes and Persians as the ram with two horns and Greece as the he goat with a predominant horn. there is often double fulfillment in prophecy ( consider antiochus epiphanes and the future antichrist). in chapter 8 of Daniel it even says in several verses that this vision concerns the "time of the end". so, the medes and Persians and Greece may have a far fulfillment. geographically, the medes were located in modern day Iraq and the Persians in modern day Iran. The prophecy says one horn will come up later and be stronger. it also says that the He Goat would come across the earth without touching the ground and be angry. The USA ( He Goat) did just this very thing against Iraq and now is about to destroy the second horn of the ram ( Iran). The prophecy goes on to say that the notable horn of the he goat will be broken after that (economic collapse of the USA perhaps?) and then will divide into for more horns, one of which becomes the antichrist. have you heard this interpretation?

    1. I agree that prophecies can have double fulfillments. I think I may have heard about the Goat and Ram some time back. seems very plausible.

  7. This is fascinating thank you. This is a little different from what you usually post. Love following your blog

  8. “This black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria, while people flock there in their thousands to ‘pay their last respects” False he is lying in state by the Union buildings

    “Nobody worked—for seven days” False, allot of people are still working. Like me ;-)

    “On the eighth day he was buried” False, technically he will be buried on the 11th day since his passing and the 10th

    “in Heroes’ Acre.”(A special plot in the old cemetery in Church Street, Pretoria, reserved for statesmen)” False, he will be buried in his village, Qunu!

    “is placed in a glass coffin” The coffin is metal, there is only glass over his exposed face

    “and he lies in state on Church Square, Pretoria—for seven days” False, he will lie in state for 3 days


  9. There is number of things that don't add up in the prophecy. Mandela didn't die a violent death, is not to be buried in pretoria and his body won't lie in state for 7 days but 3 days. If a prophecy is of God it won't miss a single thing.

  10. Thank you for your informative and thought provoking posts. I really enjoy them. Can you please tell me the authors name that wrote" Voice of A Prophet"? I couldn't find it at my local library or on I would like to read it. Many Thanks!

    1. THX for the encouragement. If you click on the link above it will take you to the book online.

  11. will be obama that lays in glass coffin ....he is a leader . just hasnt happen yet .. then unrest and already has came and obama has let billions of blacks into america but it started with bush so .... it was plan destruction of america . choosen are all race that live and worship the father in heaven . dont matter skin color . what was in the beginning will be at end times .... all blacks then who will they call there own demons then when or who fault or seed tho cometh from the wicked

  12. Hi William
    My experience has told me that prophecies are either there to be prevented, or if not< to 'wake us up'.
    Like some of the prophecies regarding Mandela could have been deliberately prevented by the government who knew about them, possibly in the hope that changing some of the prophecies they could change, hopefully prevents the rest from coming true to.
    I dreamed of Mandela on the 7.May and I knew back then that his spirit was in the spirit-world already. Who wants to stay in a body that is already death anywhere. It is a disgrace that they did not let him 'go home in peace' when it obviously was his time!
    God bless

    1. THX for sharing your dream. It will be interesting to see what happens in South Africa

  13. Just one thing that stood out for me....He mentioned that the black SA leader would die a violent death, if this refers to Nelson Mandella, we all know he died quietly at home. So I kinda question......

    1. Yes, that is a question I had also--I will watch and see